Ralph Singh

Founder and Chief Storyteller, Wisdom Thinkers Network

Ralph Singh, Founder, Chair, and Chief Story-teller is an author, educator, and community builder who believes the modern world has lost its stories. On this the 20th anniversary of 9-11 - Following the post-9-11 arson attack on his spiritual center, Gobind Sadan, USA, he delivered Baba Virsa Singh ji's powerful message of forgiveness which helped transform the lives of the youth and heal the broader community. While in prison, the young arsonist wrote, "if only we'd know your story, we never would have done this." Moved by this understanding, he committed to finding ways to overcome the hatred and ignorance by helping young people and adults share their stories. As a recognized partner of the Fetzer Institute, Wisdom Thinkers helps all children find their story, then go out and change the story of the world. Ralph trains teachers to use his award-winning multi-cultural wisdom stories, "Stories to Light Our Way," to help build more welcoming, inclusive communities to bridge the divide and bring out the stories of our children. Together with his middle and high school inquiry model service learning game, “Change the Story, a game to Alter Reality,” endorsed by Harvard’s Dr. Richard Weissbourd and Dr. David Streight, and their turn-key Oral history project help foster more compassionate, engaged, pluralistic citizens and lead to a more dedicated, ethical workforce. Ralph is a veteran of character education and has spent his life promoting spirituality and values in education and public life. Over 25 years ago he was part of the CNY Education Consortium’s taskforce on Values in Public Education where he helped develop and name their Schools of Character project which was administered throughout the state by Syracuse University. Ralph has presented at Character.org (CEP), Association for Moral Education, most recently at their joint conference with Harvard and Tisch School at Tufts on “Civic engagement: A cultural revolution?,” internationally in China, and India. and with the Club of Rome’s task force on the “Quest for Values.” His blogs and articles have been featured in Character.org, CSEE.org, Huffington Post, The Interfaith Observer, and is collaborating with William James book award winner Dr. Darcia Narvaez, and Dr.Tonia Bock, on a book chapter entitled, “Ecology for Raising a Virtuous Human Being.”